How to Open Demat Account?

Open Demat Account with India’s Largest Stock Broker Account opening is 100% Online & Paperless, takes 5–10 mins only.

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🔴 Now lets start, in Signup Portal, Enter your Mobile number & Click Continue.

🔴 Next Verify your mobile number with 6 Digit OTP

🔴 Enter your Email address & Click Continue.

🔴 Now verify the Email address with 6 Digit OTP

🔴 Now Enter Pan card number and DOB

🔴 Proceed with paying Account Opening Charges.

For Equity its Rs 200 and Commodity Rs 100. Also, you get a Welcome Bonus of 300 Reward Points, which can be redeemed for Premium Products, Pay Demat AMC and etc

🔴 Now connect to Digilocker. Digilocker is Government of India’s digital wallet to store personal documents.

🔴 Sign in to your DigiLocker with Aadhaar Number or Mobile number

🔴 Now you share the Aadhaar details with Zerodha

🔴 Your Demat Account is filled, with Aadhaar card details. Some details like Occupation, Marital status and etc should be filled.

🔴 Click on these CheckBox and Click Continue.

🔴 Now finish InPerson verification. Write the 4 digit code in a Paper and show in Webcam (as shown in the following photo). Give access to webcam, then click capture and then save it.

🔴 Now upload Bank Proof, Signature specimen and Pan card

🔴 Click Continue to receive Digio security code in the Email address.

🔴 Enter Security code received in Email address & click Submit

🔴 Now you can see the Full application form with all details. Click Sign NOW

🔴 17. Enter Aadhaar number and click Request OTP.

Next, Enter OTP and click Submit. Now you have successfully completed the online account opening process 😎😎😎

🔴 Here in this Dashboard you can track the status of the application.

Now your Application form & Documents will be verified and then you will receive a Welcome email in a few hours.

👉👉👉 Start Account Opening Process:

Same process explained in all Indian languages in the following Youtube Videos 👇👇👇

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